Become a Trustee

Become a Trustee and help to change your Community

Many organisations and Charities are run by volunteers. These volunteers might be called board members, Trustees or Directors - it is they who govern a charity or organisation and make sure it achieves its aims, is successful, well run and well managed. Being a Trustee is a very responsible and rewarding voluntary role.

Many voluntary organisations have vacancies for volunteer Trustees on their management committees. This highlights the great need for people to help out to support the valuable work these organisations do.

The rewarding role of the Trustee is a varied and challenging one - luckily the number and diversity of organisations means that your interests and skills can be easily matched.

Value what you have to offer

Potential Trustees are often daunted at the thought of becoming a Trustee because they are under the impression that some legal or financial knowledge is needed or that they may face financial liabilities. Every organisation needs variety to be successful and Management Committees are no different.

Whatever your skill...

- financial
- business
- legal
- events
- specialist service
- HR
- people skills
- secretarial
- funding
- teaching
- report writing
- policy

...whatever your knowledge...

- neighbourhood
- culture
- services
- client groups
- funding
- diversity
- disabilities
- business
- arts
- government

...there is a Management Committee that needs you.

Still don't feel you have the skills?

One of the great things about becoming a Trustee is the learning potential. Very often Trustees enter the board with one skill set and then develop a whole new set of skills, experience and knowledge as a result of their experiences with their Management Committee.

Being a Trustee can be hugely rewarding

Volunteering image "A warm, cosy feeling knowing that I'm working with a great team of like minded people to make a positive difference to my community. In a harsh world of uncertainty it makes my life happier knowing that we are stronger together."
Linda Dupee, C
hair of Trustees, CARESCO, Sawtry


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