Car Scheme

Owing to Covid 19

Our annual Car Scheme Morning on

25 March 2020 is


Documentation Checks will now be carried out

via e-mail or by post

Our ability to offer any Car Scheme services
is severely limited

Owing to Covid 19 many of our volunteers will be self-isolating for the next few months and our ability to undertake drives will be severely reduced. We will therefore prioritise essential medical journeys.

Car Scheme Volunteers

You can now help in a new ways

Telephone your usual clients and have a chat

If they need anything and are anxious - contact you local Office Organiser

Huntingdon - Tripti: 07849 794490

Ramsey - Charlotte: 07389 839960

St Ives - Debbie: 07582 211392

St Neots- Alison: 07724 939613

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Volunteering is good for you, it's good to get involved!

Making our services sustainable

From 1 May we will be making a booking charge of 1 per journey to contribute towards our administrative costs. Those booking drives will be informed by our Car Scheme Administrators at the time of booking, but the fee will be collected by our Volunteer Car Scheme drivers and will be passed on to their local office. We know that our car schemes enable many hundreds of Huntingdonshire residents make those essential journeys. We no longer receive any Huntingdonshire District Council Funding to support volunteer services and in order to continue to manage our car schemes we need to ensure that all administrative costs are fully covered.

About our Community Car Schemes

Huntingdonshire Volunteer Centre supports car schemes throughout the district, each varying in size, the area covered and the number of drivers available. Voluntary car schemes are an extremely valuable addition to the conventional passenger transport.
Hu Tripti & Bernard

The Community Car Scheme concentrates on meeting the mobility needs of elderly, disabled or disadvantaged passengers who are, for whatever reason unable to use conventional public transport. Maybe you live out in rural and urban areas and don't have local transport for the time you need a doctors appointment. These schemes can be used by anyone living in the Huntingdonshire Area.

How It All Works

Passengers should get in contact with their local office and we suggest that you give at least 24 hours notice of any journey. The journey can also be shared with other friends and the fee would still be the same.

On the day the journey takes place the driver collects a contribution from the passenger based on the mileage travelled by the driver. This is charged at 40p per mile with an administration charge of 1 per journey. For short journeys there is a minimum fee of 2 and also the 1 administration fee.

Eligible Journeys
Here are a few typical journey purposes that are eligible, but this list is by no means exhaustive and therefore is provided only as a guidance:

Shopping and personal business including post office, banks and building societies etc.
Trips for medical purposes, such as hospital, clinic, GP, dentist and opticians appointments etc.
Visit to relatives or friends at home or hospital.
To link to nearest public transport services.

Journeys to work, school and day care are not normally undertaken.

Eligibility Of Users
This service is for anyone old or young, able bodied or with mobility difficulties, who needs to make essential journeys where no suitable public transport exists.

Details of local car schemes can be found on the Cambridgeshire County Council Community Transport web page here.

Mileage form for car drivers is available for download. Please click on the icon below to start the download.

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