U25/U18 Volunteering

Focus on Mental Health

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Student Mental Health Guide

Focus is on youth and students, but good advice for all!

Under 25 Volunteering

Are you under 25? Young people all across Huntingdonshire volunteer in all sorts of roles; doing something new, boosting their CVs, making friends, adding to their skills and having fun. You could be one of them.

You might consider coaching at sports clubs; teaching other young people about drugs, alcohol or homelessness; mentoring a young person in care; organising fundraising events, or helping preserve the environment. All of these opportunities are available to you and many more.

The following link offers up suggestions for organisations looking for younger voluntary helpers.

U18 volunteering image

Under 18 Volunteering

There are some age restrictions so here is an local list of organisations that work with younger volunteers and some organisations will work with young people on the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Both the British Heart Foundation Charity Shops in Huntingdon work with young people on the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme as does the Sue Ryder Shop.

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