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Anyone can volunteer but they need to be able to make a commitment. Many organisations can be flexible about when and for how many hours you volunteer however they all need you to be there when you say you will.
Volunteers will be:

- Prepared to give up their time free of charge in general travel expenses will be covered
- Can be from any race, social background, gender, disability or ability - everyone can contribute.
- Looking for life experiences to enhance CVs or UCAS forms.
- Wanting to do something worthwhile in their community.
- Wanting to make new friends and have fun.
- Looking for ways to use their skills and experience to benefit others.
- Looking to learn new skills or enhance existing skills

Benefits of Volunteering

- Rewarding and valuable use of your time.
- Meeting new people.
- Gaining life / work experiences.
- Developing new skills.
- Meeting a new challenge.
- Filling spare time.
- Helping a cause you care about.
- Can relieve stress
- Not forgetting great personal fulfilment & satisfaction

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We have four volunteer centres in Huntingdonshire Huntingdon, St Neots, St Ives and Ramsey. We are also linked with the many other Volunteer Centres throughout the country.

Volunteering is good for you - it is proven to boost your self esteem, confidence and sense of pride; you can learn new skills and and/ or use your existing talents to good use; it looks good on your CV and can help build new friendships and local communities.

Last year 990 volunteers contacted Huntingdonshire Volunteer Centre to find out how they could help in their communities. If you would like to volunteer, Huntingdonshire Volunteer Centre is here to help.

Another important element of the work that we do is running community car schemes from each of our local offices. Go here for more information.

Everyday First Aid Courses available:

everyday first aid

Huntingdon Office 01480 414766 - St Neots Office 01480 414766
St Ives Office 01480 301462 - Ramsey Office 01487 814117

Manager 07718 272524

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